Areas Of Service

Our firm focuses on serving family-owned businesses. We serve both small “mom and pop” businesses and companies with millions of dollars of sales and multiple entity structures. Kline’s CPA Group is known for its agricultural expertise throughout north central Indiana. We are committed to providing exceptional quality professional services and support beyond our client’s expectations.

While preparing year-end income tax returns and financial statements are an essential part of our business, we recognize these services are after-the-fact and too late to capture much in the way of added value. Here are just some of the specialized services available to our firm’s clients:

Tax Preparation & Planning

We view our relationships with our clients as ongoing partnerships, and we pledge to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice, whatever your tax planning and preparation needs.

Individuals, LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporations

Our dedication to you doesn’t stop after April 15. All through the year, we keep up to date on current tax laws to minimize your tax liabilities and to maximize your profits. Our team of professionals can serve as business partners by providing pro-active tax planning and consulting advice throughout the year—aimed at enhancing your wealth. We can help identify mistakes and hidden opportunities that could be keeping you from financial security.

Estate & Trust Income Tax Return Preparation

We also prepare fiduciary income tax returns, known as IRS Form 1041, which is used to report income of estates and trusts. The estate of a deceased person becomes a separate taxable entity upon the death of the individual taxpayer. A trust is a separate entity created either at death by the decedent’s will or during life whereby a trustee takes title to property for the purpose of administering and protecting it for the benefit of beneficiaries. Fiduciary income taxation is a specialized area of tax law. There are elections that can be made to minimize tax to the estate, trust, and beneficiaries. We can work with you to help you determine if an estate or trust is subject to income tax, provide income tax planning to minimize tax, and prepare Form 1041 for your estate or trust.

Our firm also prepares gift tax returns, known as IRS Form 709, and estate tax returns, known as IRS Form 706. A gift tax is imposed on the transfer of ownership of property to an individual where full consideration is not received in return. The estate tax is a tax on your right to transfer property at death. The federal estate and gift taxes are really one tax, called the unified gift and estate tax. Gift and estate tax returns are complex, and we are here to help our clients in this multifaceted area of tax law.

Exempt Organizations

Our firm also prepares the annual filings for exempt organizations.  We can file any of the annual reports required for your organization.  These filings include the annual postcard (Form 990-N) for small not-for-profit organizations, Form 990 series (990EZ or 990) for medium-to-large organizations, or Form 990-PF for organizations that are private foundations.  We also prepare filings required by the State of Indiana for exempt organizations.  Our staff is available to assist with the filing of an exemption application to become a not-for-profit organization if you are looking to start a new organization.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are launching a startup in need of small business bookkeeping services or already run an established business, our experienced staff can offer you a convenient bookkeeping solution. We can handle your accounts payables and receivables, bank reconciliation, and make correcting entries to your software records through remote access. You choose the level of services best suited to your needs.

Payroll Preparation

Payroll processing, including tax and reporting compliance, is one of the most time-consuming and complex aspects for a small business. Let our payroll team assist you with all or part of the process. We can handle all of the payroll functions from registering employees with the state, processing payroll checks, and ensuring payroll tax filings and payments are made on time.  Maybe you prefer to process the paychecks and have one of our team members prepare the monthly, quarterly, or annual returns to be filed including your W-2’s. Let us be your trusted business partner to handle your payroll needs.

Compilation and Review Services

Third parties who rely on your financial statements often require CPA prepared financial statements for assurance. We perform compilation and review services in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and other comprehensive basis of accounting (OCBOA).

Estate & Business Succession Planning & Administration

Estate planning is more than just having a will.  It’s about having a plan in place to protect, grow, and preserve your wealth and assets for future generations. Let our estate planning specialists help coordinate your plan with your attorney and other advisors. We can show you planning tools and strategies available to ensure your family’s future financial security and keep transfer taxes to a minimum.

We also assist our clients in planned-out programs of lifetime gifts to family members and charity. A planned gift program can save estate and gift taxes, preserve more of your assets for your family and other heirs, and ensure your property goes to the people you want to have it.

If you own a business, you need to include succession planning as part of your estate plan. We can help you arrange in advance for the transfer of your business at your death. If you want family members to continue the business after your death, a good succession plan can help owners keep the business intact, reduce taxes, and maintain family accord. If you do not plan ahead for this, your heirs may have to sell the business or business assets to cover taxes and expenses.

Our goal with estate, gift, and succession planning is to listen to you, guide you, and assist you with a plan that suits your individual objectives with respect to your heirs.

Consulting Services for Business

Our firm is committed to your success, and we offer a full range of services to help you make strategic decisions for your business. We can assist you all along the way from business entity selection and the tax implications of each to succession planning to guide you through transitioning out of your business when it’s time. Let us guide you in minimizing tax obligations and maximizing cash flow.

Agriculture Consulting

Our firm understands the unique practices of farming. We recognize that farming is not just a livelihood to our clients, but also a way of life. We will take the time to understand your needs and objectives. Our experienced professional staff consults with top experts in the ag field and attends continuing professional education classes taught by leaders in agri-business and economy.

We can help you determine your operation’s true value. Traditional business reports are designed to limit tax liability. That’s a good thing, but it can misrepresent your farm’s value. At Kline’s CPA, we can prepare reports that will reflect your farm’s net worth. We’ll provide you with the financial statements you need to move forward in the most beneficial way for your farm business.

Retirement Planning

Kline’s CPA can help with your retirement questions. Keeping us in the loop when making retirement decisions can help prevent surprises at tax preparation time. We can prepare tax projections to determine the effect of social security payments and required minimum distributions on tax liability. We will work to help retirees preserve their nest eggs to maintain the same standard of living to which they are accustomed.

QuickBooks Consulting & Training

For businesses in need of accounting software, we recommend QuickBooks because of its relative low cost and ease of use. We consult with you through the purchase, installation, and company set-up processes. We have two QuickBooks Pro-Advisors on staff and additional team members who can readily help you with questions and training.